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The Welly Boot Box

For two pairs of welly boots

Many households like to keep boots, and particularly Wellington boots (welly boots) which get messy, out of sight. However, putting dirty welly boots into a storage area is not the answer because of the mess they make, and moreover welly boots are usually items which are regularly used and it would be impractical to keep taking them in and out of a cupboard or other storage area.

Furthermore, the removal of welly boots or riding boots is an age-old problem because they can be difficult to remove, often resulting in getting a sock dirty or having to sit down and get muddy hands.

The Welly Boot Box is designed as an attractive looking ventilated box which incorporates a hinged front cover which is used as a boot jack. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to remove welly boots using it, and once they have been removed, the lid folds back and the welly boots are concealed. When the lid is closed, the Welly Boot Box can be used as a seat on which to sit when putting on shoes.

The bottom of the Welly Boot Box incorporates a plastic tray which can be removed for cleaning.

Welly Boot Box

Only suitable for indoor situation

Holds 2 pairs of wellington boots

Colour: White with wood effect top
Boot Box Single











Price: £69

The Welly Boot Box comes flat-packed with fittings and simple instructions for self-assembly

Delivery £6.50

Welly Boot Box for two pairs of welly boots 53cm (21") 53cm (21") 42cm (16.5")

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The Welly Boot Box is an attractive box with ventilation to allow welly boots to dry

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...the hinged front of the Welly Boot Box acts as a Boot Jack whilst the lid offers support

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...and when closed, you can sit on the Welly Boot Box while putting on your shoes

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